I have always found cameras fascinating. When I was very young I used to make pinhole cameras out of cardboards, however nothing ever came out of it. Finally one day my dad handed me an old manual Yashica when I was about 15. I was able to spend a whole Saturday afternoon with my first roll of film. The week after that afternoon was one of the longest weeks in my life: I waited impatiently for the next weekend, when I was able to go to my uncle’s house and use his darkroom, well, a make shift darkroom in his small apartment. To this day, I still feel the strange thrill of magic when the blank pages start to turn into pictures in the developer solution. It never fails to bring me back to those happy hours I spent the first time I held a camera.

I became more serious about photography in college. I started taking pictures of my surroundings and my friends when I was working on my bachelors in Florida. While I was at Yale, I learned a great deal during a yearlong course on photography with David Hilliard at the Yale Art School. Perhaps partly due to David's influence, it was during this period I developed a deep interest in photographing people, people I am familiar with, especially friends and family members. My photographs are mostly quiet. I am drawn to the serene and reflective moments in human expressions and have made humble attempts to capture those moments on film. Among the many great photographers, one of my favorites is Sebastião Salgado, whom I deeply respect and whose works I admire tremendously.

Photos below were taken mostly with Nikon F100, some of them were taken with 4x5 large format and Holga toy camera.

For more recent works from my digital camera, you may check out my flickr album.




Quiet Cities



Large Format




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